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Sun and beach

A thousand kilometres of coastline with one common factor: the Sun.

Let yourself be captivated by Andalucia’s coast, where you will find a succession of unspoilt beaches, majestic cliffs, salt marshes teeming with wildlife and a little-known underwater world just waiting to be discovered.

You'll find it a veritable paradise for your holidays. With pleasant temperatures no matter what the season, Andalucia's outstanding beaches are a gift to any traveller.
Small coves and immense golden-sand beaches line the hundreds of kilometres of Andalucia’s coast, where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.
Andalucia shares its life between two loves: the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. One is calm and gentle, the other aggressive and exciting; two large coastal areas with their own identities, both governed by a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate. The coast of Andalucia offers you the chance to lose yourself in contemplation of its deep red sunsets and its waters, caressed by the easterly wind.

Andalucia’s beaches are its natural heritage and have their own personality. The coastline, encompassing the Almería Coast, the Costa Tropical in Granada, the Costa del Sol in Malaga, the Costa de la Luz in Cadiz and the Costa de la Luz in Huelva, is an idyllic natural setting, with warm waters and non-stop sunshine.
Mild temperatures join forces with the magic of Andalucia’s towns and villages, its charming harbours and an excellent range of hotels, along with splendid countryside and the convergence of sea and breezes. These are the basic ingredients for a destination not to be missed.

These are the beaches of Andalucia.

book a beach hotel

book a beach hotel
book a beach hotel book a beach hotel

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