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Andalusia is one of the warmest regions anywhere in Europe. It has a warm, Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and mild winters with infrequent precipitation. If there is one characteristic trait of Andalusia’s atmosphere, it is its light.
The high proportion of hours of sunshine marks the cheerful, hospitable character of the region’s people.

In Andalucia, you will find golf courses in every province. No matter what your level of expertise is, there is no shortage of practice ranges, pitch and putt courses, and 9 and 18-hole courses. There is also a wide variety of playing surfaces, adapted to highly diverse geographic settings.

If golf is your passion, you have come to the best region in Spain for this sport. You can enjoy the sun and the golf in Andalucia all year round.
It hardly rains here and there is usually little wind. This makes Andalucia the perfect destination for you to improve your handicap. Malaga and Cadiz are the cities with the most golf courses per square mile in Europe.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, Andalucia offers a host of courses with top-notch facilities and surroundings that are worth visiting in their own right. Here you will always have an exceptional golfing partner:

There are classes available from top professionals, and elegant clubhouses offering all kinds of services. Let the unmatched surroundings captivate you and enjoy a perfect, fun-packed golf holiday.
Have fun playing !

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